Saying Yes.

Saying Yes.

Ever had that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you that you should or should not do something? That’s your gut instinct or your intuition. And, I ignored mine for the longest time. But now? Now, I’m saying yes to all the universe has to offer. 

In a recent job interview, I was asked, “Are you more motivated by your fear of failure or your potential for success?” The answer seemed like it should be easy, but for me, it wasn’t.

You see, for the longest time, I did make decisions based on my fear of failure. Not that I would fail at any given task, but failure at life. Would I be a good wife? A good mother? A good friend? A good employee? My fear of failing at these roles pushed many of the decisions, good and bad, that I made. I tried SO very hard to be perfect because if I was perfect I wasn’t failing, right? WRONG.

My creativity was stifled and I felt claustrophobic as if my walls were caving in all around me. I didn’t want to face infertility because that would mean I failed as a wife. I didn’t want to get divorced because that would mean I’d failed at marriage. All my decisions were based on failure. Layer upon layer, I covered up my authentic self with what I thought the world needed me to be in order to succeed at said roles. I struggled with perfectionism which allowed fear to be at the heart of my actions.

Now, after much work, I lead from a realm of possibilities. And it seems SO very simple, but man did it take me a long time to come to that point in my life.

When fear was in control, I tended to stall rather than make any decision at all. Now, I recognize that I am in control. I have the power to change anything. My attitude. My day. My outlook. My results. I can do that. But I have to lead from a place of potential. See what could be. And if it turns out, great. If it looks a little different than expected, that’s okay too.

What did I learn from my decision? Could I do it better next time? Did it actually turn out better? These are all questions I ask myself daily, as I am sincerely curious. I’ve learned that leadership from a place of possibilities opens us up for growth. It’s when you open your eyes and look around that real change occurs. You grow, step into your full potential and make magic happen.

So now I’m embracing that gut feeling. Trusting it. Even when I’m scared to say YES, I’m going for it. If I don’t, I’ll always wonder what if. So, here’s to living boldly and bravely together. Let’s say YES to all the potential this universe has to offer us. Go for that job. Ask the guy out. Try the new food. Take the adventure. You may love it or hate it, but I can promise you’ll be better for it!

My YES is taking me to Bali. Where is yours taking you?

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