Simply Evolving. What's Next.

Simply Evolving. What's Next.

That’s the proverbial question that seems to be on everybody’s mind when they see me. As I mentioned in this Instagram post, I didn’t have all the answers when I first returned. In fact, I still don’t. However, I have a very clear direction of what I want and how to get there. I’d love for you to come along on the journey as I write my next chapter. What’s in store? Glad you asked. 

Vision Update.

As many of you know, I quit my corporate job last year to travel the world. While traveling, I built my business, Adventures In Bloom, planning yoga retreats across the world. I scouted locations, met with venues, explored excursion opportunities, and planned/consulted on several events. I love planning events; however, a few things were revealed to me while I worked with clients. One, I don’t want to plan other people’s events. I want to empower people to plan their own. I want to give them the tools and confidence they need to conquer the world. And two, I want to host MY OWN retreats….which are coming! This dovetails nicely into my next two ventures.

  1. YOGA - I love teaching and feel at home on my mat. I currently teach at studios in Edmond and Piedmont, and I am always open to new teaching opportunities. Whether teaching at a studio, giving corporate yoga classes on lunch breaks, coming to your home for a private session or hosting a vino and vinyasa party, I want to share my love of yoga with you! Getting my certification to teach is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. 
  1. COACHING - When I started my blogging journey, I didn’t know that my words and choices would have such an impact on those I knew and those I had yet to meet. But they did, and they continue to inspire which is so humbling. At the beginning of this year, I began a 10-month process to become a certified life coach through a very credible industry expert - Martha Beck. It’s been an enlightening and intense process where I continue to learn and evolve personally. And, I’m bringing those same growth experiences to my clients. Many of you may have never heard of coaching or even understand what a coach does. In a very general sense, a life coach helps people clarify and articulate what they want most from life and how best to achieve it.

“Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

We’ve all heard that sentiment before. Teaching you, especially women, tools to reduce stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed while finding more joy and peace LIGHTS. ME. UP. My work with each client looks different. Some, it’s yoga. Some, it’s coaching. Some, it’s both. And, for some, it’s simply gifting my Love + Gratitude Journal. Plus, I’ve got some really cool projects in the works that I’m keeping under wraps for now. But one thing isn’t changing - helping you live a bold, brave and authentic life by shedding your old stories to write new endings is my mission. And I’ll do it through a variety of tools, including coaching, yoga, retreats and more. 

What’s Changing?

Not much - just the skin of, as well as a few additional pages. My blogs will still be here. My words will still come to your inbox and be posted on social media for you to read. I still commit to being transparent while sharing my stories of struggle and triumph with you. You can click straight through the email to read my latest blog post or bookmark my blog page on your browser. I love that you’ve chosen to follow my journey, and I sincerely hope that you continue to do so with the launch of the new site. I’ll be posting on social media when this happens so you can check out the new space.

What That Means.

Well, I would very much appreciate your support in my new endeavors. Let me explain:

  1. SIGN UP - Because the new will be hosted on a different platform, I’d like for you to resubscribe to get my latest posts. I’m carrying the information over from the old site, but I’d love for you to pop on over to sign up just in case something gets lost in translation. I’ll be posting on social media once the new site is live. Make sure you follow me on IG and Facebook to get the update! (@mandibriggs)
  2. FLOW WITH ME - The new site will share with you where you can practice with me. I’d love to get on the mat with you and help you find a brief moment of peace in your day. If you’re looking to bring yoga to the office or begin a new yoga practice, private and corporate sessions are available. I’ve got a ton of options available, and probably some we haven’t even thought of yet. Simply reach out, and we’ll see what works for both of us! 
  3. KEEP ME IN MIND - Do you or someone you know feel out of balance? Do you feel stuck and can’t articulate why? Do you feel as if something is missing in your life but have a hard time identifying just what “it” is? Maybe you’re looking to pursue a career or life change? Whatever is happening to you or someone you know, keep an open mind about coaching. Coaching differs from therapy in a variety of ways and is centered around creating results. It focuses on the future, and as a result, can assist to change your perspective about your past. I’ve been through both therapy and coaching myself. While working with my coach, I began to articulate what I wanted and figured out a roadmap for getting there. Now, I’m grateful to be sharing that same tool with others.

    I am happy to announce that as part of my certification process, I am beginning to take on clients for a reduced fee. Once my certification process is complete, however, my fees will be substantially higher. Having said this, should you know someone who may benefit from coaching, please give him/her my e-mail address or phone number. I work over the phone and/or in person, so location is never an issue. Also, confidentiality is of the utmost importance to me. Please know your privacy will be respected. 
  4. GUIDE ME - You’re coming along on my entrepreneurship ride! And this is one scary ride for me! What have you faced in this realm? What am I missing? Whether you are a client or not, you are my friends and family. What issues are you facing? How can I help? Chances are if you are struggling with it, so are other readers. Talk to me. Tell me what you need to hear from me.

It’s amazing to me how much joy I’ve been able to find over the past 3 years. My life has changed in ways I couldn’t even imagine if I’d tried. You followed along as I navigated the murky waters of divorce, found my voice again, learned to follow my intuition, kicked fear to the curb in several scenarios, challenged myself on my mat and took the adventure of a lifetime. You, my dear readers, have supported me. You guided me and inspired me even when you didn’t realize it. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For all that you do for me. 

Here’s to the next chapter…

Blue-Eyed Girl, You're Beautiful.

Blue-Eyed Girl, You're Beautiful.

Patience Young Grasshopper.

Patience Young Grasshopper.