Shift Happens.

Shift Happens.

"Good luck.” I twisted off the top of my cold brew coffee to read this message underneath the cap. Here’s the thing - rather than luck, I believe in divine timing. 

Years ago, I used to wish that lady luck would smile upon me. That I’d suddenly win the lottery (too bad I wasn’t in South Carolina this week) or marry Prince Harry. That Steve Jobs would see my marketing genius and hire me. And when none of those things happened, I wished harder. 

When my marriage was in shambles, I shifted from luck to prayer. “God, take this pain away,” I prayed. “Make him love me again.” “Make him choose me.” “Help me choose him.” I prayed fervently. 

The thing is, when we’re in a situation that feels uncomfortable, sticky, awkward, or just plain yucky, we can wish and pray for all sorts of things. We cry, beg and plead asking what we’ve done to deserve this. Consider this, dear readers, maybe it’s not about changing the situation. Maybe it’s about changing you. Hear me again when I say this - maybe it’s not about changing the situation. Maybe it’s about changing you. 

When you shift your perspective, suddenly the life you’re living changes. 

The shift happened for me right after my divorce. In fact, I can pinpoint the exact moment my faith exploded exponentially. I couldn’t explain it. I didn’t fully understand it. I just KNEW in the depths of my soul that my story was bigger than myself. That the situations I’d faced in my marriage were working on my behalf. 

In fact, from those uncomfortable situations I learned to be faithful, even when life is tough. I learned forgiveness. I learned to love. I learned to grow in ways I never thought possible. I learned to trust my intuition, to use my voice and to quit hiding myself behind so masks, including perfectionism. I learned what it is to truly be vulnerable, to speak your greatest fears aloud, to live them, and to come out on the other side. My situation taught me that my faith is bigger than my fears.

Tell me good luck all you want, but I believe in divine timing. God has big plans for me. And he does for you too. How is He using your situation? How is he working through you? In you?

Do you struggle with your weight? Maybe your current body is showing you the aches, pains and medical issues that come with being overweight so you won’t take those 30 lbs you lose for granted. Maybe it’s about being vulnerable for the first time and asking for help. 

Feel misunderstood or not heard at work? Maybe you need to hear and acknowledge your own voice then find courage to speak up. 

Are you feeling alone and abandoned? Maybe people have been removed from your life to create space for someone or something bigger to step in. 

When life feels uncomfortable, instead of complaining or asking why try to sit back and allow the awkwardness to surround you. Get quiet. Tune in.

Then ask yourself these 5 questions:

  1. What’s the message you need to receive? 

  2. Where can you learn and grow?

  3. How is your current situation working FOR you? 

  4. What IS going right in your life right now? 

  5. How are your growing as a result? 

Shift your perspective and your situation shifts.

And as you evolve, the things, people and places you desire evolve too. They will come into your life when the timing is right. In fact, they may already be there. You simply can’t see them because you’re too busy being caught up in everything that’s wrong. Look for positive. When you look for what is good, you see all that is good and then some. And if those people, places or things aren’t there yet, keep looking. Keep an open heart and an open mind. Often times they come in packages very different from what you anticipated. 

Tell me, dear readers, what situation are you facing right now and give me one example of how that could be working FOR you, rather than TO you. I’d love to get your thoughts on this perspective.


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