When Life Gives You Potholes.

When Life Gives You Potholes.

Recently, I was driving down a bumpy, country road littered with potholes. The entire width of the road is basically one, giant pothole. And, being the expert maneuverer that I am, I effortlessly guided my car around each said hole. In the distance, I noticed one pothole that seemed larger than the rest. As I approached, I closed my eyes, tensed, and braced for impact. Fortunately for me, I’d guided my car correctly and was able to successfully avoid the giant. Last night, I wasn’t so lucky and blew out a tire. UGH!

How many times are we traveling throughout life just bracing for impact? When I recognized that I even close my eyes as I brace myself (not safe, I know), I began to wonder how many other times I do that.

Many of us go throughout life operating in fear mode. That’s all we know. We’ve never know what it feels like to fly. To soar. To coast. We’re worried about paying the bills, not getting fired, or making sure he likes me. When things start to go well - we get a raise, we go on dates, clients hire us, the kids get good grades - we begin bracing for impact.

“This can’t last long,” we tell ourselves. “When will the other shoe drop?” Like clockwork, the roof leaks, we spill coffee on a new suit, the kids get sick and we hit a pothole which blows out a tire.

The truth is life is FULL of potholes. They’re all around us at all times. It’s not a matter of when a pothole will appear. Rather, it’s how prepared are you to maneuver around them when they come into your line of sight? How do you react when your buttons are pushed, your feathers ruffled or you find yourself on the side of the road with a flat late at night?

There will always be traffic, or people who are late to meetings, or individuals who disagree with you. Do you make these instances a bigger deal than they need to be? Do you blow them out of proportion or overreact because you’re bracing for impact? Looking for what’s next?

Our response is what makes us. That’s what life is about. God calls us to trust in Him. He calls us to offer up our burdens to Him. He doesn’t want us running around in fear, so scared of what happens that we stay home and miss out completely. He doesn’t want us always closing our eyes and bracing for impact to the point that we miss out on life happening all around us. When your eyes are closed, you miss the sunrise, the smile on your child’s face, the kindness of a stranger who stops to help.

Rather than shutting your eyes, what if you tried opening them instead? Looking up and around.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What is happening FOR you? How are these potholes benefitting you?

  2. What have you learned?

  3. How are you a better person and better prepared because of the past you faced?

Me, I learned to avoid certain roads at night when they aren’t lit up! I know at times I need to take the road most traveled because it’s been resurfaced. And, I took my car to get the tire changed and was able to get a few things fixed before my warranty expires in 500 miles. Talk about a win!

God is always looking out for us, friends. Life isn’t meant to be lived in fear. Rather, life is meant to be lived and enjoyed. Yes, we’ll all face potholes. But the more you learn and grow, the better you’re able to handle them when they appear leaving you unfazed by their presence.

Tell me in the comments below, what potholes are you currently facing? Do you brace for impact?

If you haven’t already checked it out, get my list of 50 fears to see which of these resonates with you. Which keeps you bracing for impact rather than living life to it’s fullest potential?!

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