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Live in Color.

Do you ever remember the moment you woke up? And I’m not talking about from a dream. But in life? The moment you had awareness and clarity like you’d never had before? This dream was it for me.

Dearest Winter,

Last Sunday, I woke up in a panic thinking I wouldn’t have time to tackle my to-do list for the day. But alas, I did. It was as if time slowed for me to enjoy my Sunday Funday. The sun hung a little longer in the sky than the previous day. The temperatures were warm upon my skin. The tulips were a plenty. Spring was in the air. She’s been knocking at my door and I’ve got to let her in. 

Choosing Me.

Picking up where we left off…

After that profound lunch, I returned to my hotel room. What felt fancy when I arrived suddenly felt cold and empty. Where does one go to find herself again? I was lost. So naturally, I cried. Big, fat alligator tears. I needed to escape, get out of the lonely hotel room in which I felt trapped.