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As an avid visionary, I know firsthand the power of writing goals, envisioning your future and taking daily/weekly/monthly steps to get there. I love to use my imagination. It’s vivid, wild, and so easily accessible to me, which is why vision boards are my jam. It’s almost laughable when I look back and realize that EVER. SINGLE. THING. on my boards has come to fruition in one way or another. 

2017 One Word Challenge

Have you ever heard of the one word challenge? The concept was introduced to me a few years ago and really resonated with me. Rather than creating a laundry list of resolutions you are likely to abandon three weeks into the new year, you simply choose a single word that sets the tone for your entire year. It can be anything - sparkle, laughter, family, health, change, determination, perseverance - whatever you like.