Stress Less This Season

Reduce stress? Yes, please! Find more joy? Sign me up! Time and time again, my coaching clients say they feel at peace and find the most joy when they do the things that light them up inside. However, many choose not to take time for themselves because it’s selfish.

News flash - taking quality time for yourself is not selfish!

Unanswered Prayers

Ever been down on your knees just praying through tears that God would provide? That he would give you the desires of your heart? That he would answer your prayers just this one time then you’d never _(fill in the blank)_ again.

When Life Gives You Potholes.

Recently, I was driving down a bumpy, country road littered with potholes. The entire width of the road is basically one, giant pothole. And, being the expert maneuverer that I am, I effortlessly guided my car around each said hole. In the distance, I noticed one pothole that seemed larger than the rest. As I approached, I closed my eyes, tensed, and braced for impact. Fortunately for me, I’d guided my car correctly and was able to successfully avoid the giant. Last night, I wasn’t so lucky and blew out a tire. UGH! How many times are we traveling throughout life just bracing for impact?

The Art of Thriving

With a little grit and a lot of grace, I kicked my fears of "never being good enough" and "what if I fail" to the curb as I set off on a brave adventure to transform my life. My adventure found me quitting my cushy corporate job and selling every possession to travel solo around the world. You can and will thrive, too, if that’s what you choose!

Flying Solo + Lessons Learned.

This time last year, I was stepping on a plane, bound for LA before catching my connection to Barcelona. Can you believe it’s already been one year? Me either! Little did I know all that was in store for me on my journey. Below, I share with you the three biggest lessons I learned from my time abroad that you can implement into your life starting now.

Blue-Eyed Girl, You're Beautiful.

When I was in first grade, I got into an argument with my neighbor Lauren. She told me I had brown eyes. I swore I had blue and told her I’d show her my birth certificate to prove it. My young, first-grader heart was crushed to learn eye color is not listed on a birth certificate. And so I began to believe that I had plain, ugly, brown eyes.